Section 1: Eligibility and Registration

1.1 Age Restriction: Participation in Choowi raffles is limited to individuals who are 18 years old or older. Minors must ask an adult to play on their behalf.

1.2 Registration: Users can sign up for the website or app using their email address.

Section 2: Raffle Tickets

2.1 Raffle Ticket Collection: Players can collect a unique raffle ticket by checking-in at any of our listed businesses.

Section 3: Raffle Draw and Prizes

3.1 Raffle Draw: On the 1st day of every month, a raffle ticket will be drawn randomly. The value of the prize may vary from month to month.

3.2 Prize Collection: Winners have 1 month from the draw date to claim their prize. Failure to collect the prize before 18:00 (GMT) on the following 1st day of the month will result in the prize funds going back into the prize pot.

Section 4: User Accounts and Responsibilities

4.1 Single Registration: Players are allowed to register only once, and each user can have only one email registered at any time. Any violation of this rule may result in the suspension of the account without prior notice.

4.2 Prize Issuance: Winnings will be issued to your given PayPal account.

4.3 Claiming Winnings: To collect winnings, the winner must visit the raffle page and complete the ‘Claim Winnings’ form before 18:00 on the 1st day of the following month from the date of the draw in which they won.

Section 5: Fairness and Compliance

5.1 Fairness and Queries: The site reserves the right to query certain entries, particularly those with role-based or non-personal email addresses, to ensure fairness. Players are encouraged to avoid using such email addresses if possible.

5.2 Legitimate Entries: The site may withhold winnings if it cannot ascertain the legitimacy of an entry.

Section 6: Privacy and Publicity

6.1 Publicity Agreement: By participating in the raffle, winners agree to have their first name, last initial, and general location (city/state) used for promotional purposes on the website, app, or associated social media channels. However, personal contact information will not be disclosed.

Section 7: Conduct and Prohibited Activities

7.1 User Responsibilities: Players must adhere to the rules and regulations of, act with integrity, and not engage in any fraudulent or malicious activities on the platform.

7.2 Prohibited Activities: Users are strictly prohibited from attempting to manipulate or tamper with the raffle, engaging in any form of cheating, or disrupting the site’s operation.

Section 8: Rule Changes

8.1 Rule Changes: reserves the right to modify, add, or remove any rules at any time without prior notice. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website or app.

Section 9: Acceptance and Termination

9.1 Acceptance of Terms: Access and use of the website or app are subject to the acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. By using the platform, all visitors, users, players, and others acknowledge their agreement with these Terms.

9.2 Termination or Suspension: may terminate or suspend access to the platform immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason, including breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Section 10: Apple Disclaimer

10.1 Apple Disclaimer: Apple is not involved in any way with the Raffle or any other contests or sweepstakes on the platform.

We encourage all users to carefully read and understand these Choowi Raffle Rules before using the website or app. These rules are in place to ensure fairness, integrity, and a positive experience for all participants.